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W A R N I N G!


Poor customer service
Unit has great pictures but dvr came without hard drive cables installed and no 24 hour tech support, cant install hard drive without cables Update: finally heard from company but only through Facebook messenger, argued with them for over an hour about missing cables even after sending pics but they still refused to send me missing cables, their only solution was to send entire system back which is already installed all over my property just to check to see if cables are there or not instead of sending me the 10 dollars worth of cables, very poor customer service, I will never deal with them again and neither should you!
get what you pay for!!!
one camera did not work right every thing was up side down, none of the cameras have power enough power to go though a wall or give a sgnal 20 feet away, hard to setup and tech support is on line only no phone number to call and the owners manaul is less than helpful. i also got there smart door dell and it dosen't work right as well and the owners manaul to it is really unhelpfull and no phone number just on line i did email and asked for help was well as a phone number they didn't want to give a phone number put 3 email later i got a number for some where out side of the U.S.A.,i didn't speak that language..i do not recommend ZOSI.
A three month old system
A three month old system, DVR is broken sent multiple emails to the company with no fix replies. Waste of money and time, very poor company to deal with. Everyone might have a different experience in different countries, but here in Canada not so well. A lost investment for me, a sucker profit for the company.
I was trying out cameras and ordered aÖ
I was trying out cameras and ordered a ZOSI camera via Amazon. I received the camera in a box that contained a camera, nothing else. I had to order the power supply as an extra. Then in order to activate the camera I had to put QR code in front of camera. BTW, no instructions in box or QR code. I tried looking up info on line but nothing. After a couple hours of trying I dropped the camera in the recycle bin and went with something else.
Pure frustration
On an 8ch NVR, hardware was acceptable at best but software was unreliable during playback. Settings verified to be correct, company would not accept a return for refund and instead wanted to go through the process of one support email every 24 hours of telling me to take a picture of something and they would replace it instead. Not only is support unhelpful and time consuming, this company appears to be extremely reluctant to refund a purchase. Not a company to count on for something as important as security.
Customer support is awful
Customer support is awful. Box is unresponsive after 4 months. I've been emailing back and forth for a week now trying to get a replacement and they keep putting me through tests that I emailed already told them I've completed. Awful company, just awful.
Bought a CCTV system from Amazon butÖ
Bought a CCTV system from Amazon but one by one the cameras are breaking and not functioning email them on Amazon no answer emailed them on their main website still no answer I guess I will never have a working camera from them not even 6 months old.
The Support is: NON Existent
The Support is: NON Existent
This is what TECH Support replied to me
Having a issue where the unit is not seeing the hard drive:
"our techs suggest you use WD purple hard drive. If you bought it from a store,can they help you with this issue?Because we are not sure what kind of system they are selling,can you ask them to help you to check if that hard drive is the right one?"
The hard drive in the unit was a Toshiba The very drive the unit came with
Not to mention this is the second unit they pitched off NO HELP AT ALL first unit was not seeing camera connected Dorothy which is the only person to ever reply asked me to change the display settings even after I said I could see the 8 camera windows just no image from cameras ZOSI Support NON Existent
Hong Kong based and not honoringÖ
Hong Kong based and not honoring warranties. Steer clear. Not to be relied upon.
Service is slow
Service is slow. I ordered what I thought was wireless, requiring NO wires. I have requested return label. No response. Disappointed!
WORST CCTV ever!!!!
Bought a lot of cctvs from this company thinking that they are reliable. but to my dismay, it is full of crap. Crap keeps crashing. They keep updating the app and it is still broken. Would not let you view playback properly. They also let you update the firmware of your device and then it will be disconnected and you will not be able to connect. Thats what happened to my ptz camera.

A Piece Of Advice!

"Stay Away From This Company"

Tech Support don't even understood the item they are supporting and dont know How To Troubleshoot it. What A Laugh Trip!

Support@zositech just stops and ignores
My Zosi NVR system is great when I view it live locally (great image quality). The same on the mobile app. However if you want to scrutinise the footage itís lacking badly.
Apparently thereís something called Zosi Cloud to address this though Zosi Cloud would download and not install on any of my PCs.
I raised a case with Zosi Tech Customer support and after a few exchanges they stopped replying. What is the point of customer support if it doesnít offer support to customers??
Zosi camera is not compatible with Zosi DVR.
I bought a PTZ camera to incorporate into my Zosi 8 camera system. It wasn't compatible. Nowhere was this mentioned. Instructions for the camera were horrendous tech support was no help and I won't buy another product from Zosi.
Absolute crap
Absolute crap! Dont buy zosi at all, u can buy 8 camera phones, instal alfredcam, and have a cheaper better working security system than zosi. U cant count on zosi to keep ur possessions secure. I have an 8 camera system 2 months old since day 9 they have all died except 2. My dad bought this trash system for almost $400 and now cant find his reciept so we are now stuck with a system that will slowly die. Once its dead ill build a smart phone security system using alfredcam for about $150 dollars and it will be 10 times the system zosi is. Dont buy zosi, i contacted them and told them my review would cost them more than what our system costs. So plz save urself the headache and buy something that will protect ur stuff. Zosi doesnt even have a phone number for tech support, just a email and instructions that are as worthless as the camera system! DONT BUY ZOSI!
Donít waste your time or money
1) Followed the instructions to the letter, and could not get it to work. Was supposed to see a setup wizard after connecting equipment, and powering it up. Tried two different monitors, and got nothing. I know the HDMI cable was not the problem because I tested it with two other pieces of equipment and it worked fine. Tried to contact customer support, but could not. No phone number available, and the online chat did not work.

2) They donít warn you that youíre going to need your own cables to connect the equipment - an Ethernet cable to connect to your router, and an HDMI cable to connect the DVR to a monitor (TV, PC, etc.).
HDMI and TV Problems: This system has problems with many 1080p TV's using HDMI, no screen appears
This system does not work with the vast majority of flat screen TV's as the HDMI output is non-standard version of 1080p and Zosi knows it, they should say it. We think that the system is stuck somewhere in between 1080i and 1080p. If you are using with a computer monitor it will be OK, as they can adjust to compensate for the error - but its a no-go on so many televisions that they should be up front about this major failing on HDMI. If you use video and audio outputs/inputs it will also be fine. You can also use VGA and that will be OK. I tested everything in my TV store and most TV's (80%) had problems with the Zosi HDMI output. My HDMI analyzer indicated that they were sending a weird non-standard signal down the HDMI wire. Of course everything else worked just fine with on the TV's HDMI including Roku, Blue Ray, Satellite, cable Box, Playstation and Tivo DVR - Just not not this ridiculous box. Tried a variety of HDMI cables and I am able to state that this box has a messed up HDMI format, this is not my first rodeo BTW
App is terrible, support for the problem is equally terrible, discouraging and unhelpful.
The App is terrible and simply doesn't work, giving you a Invalid User Or Invalid Password message when you try to view the cameras that are connected to the DVR. This happens when I am already logged into the app, and the Setup Instructions don't mention any setup of an additional password for cameras (so they've managed to screw the setup instructions up too). Trouble Shooting Instructions at Zosi's Support Website are also incomplete, and do not provide solutions that get you around the Camera Password Issue. After effing with their shoddy products, instructions and support website, and Small Setup Disk that got stuck in my Macbook, I'm playing email tag with their support team that doesn't speak clear english and responds every 24 hours(and only on week days). Spend your money on another product unless you like wasting your time trying to figure out someone's poorly designed, shoddy little app that doesn't work and incomplete instructions/trouble shooting guide/email support system. This company has some serious issues with their apps & website and the clowns managing them.
Save Your Money
This is, without any doubt, an exercise in futility to get operational. I rarely give out negative reviews, this is an exception. Where to start? I bought it to replace a current security system, I plugged the existing cameras and nothing worked. Connected the new ones (which are identical to the existing ones) and everything worked. Contacted customer support to see if there was any way to make current cameras work so I didn't have to get the ladder out again. Never a response. Tried to get the system running and got it all up and all 4 new cameras work, only problem is the color disappears. Also tried setting up remote access from my pc. Downloaded the software, installed it, nothing worked. Found a PDF file on their site for another download, only problem is their Dropbox account is over the limit. Fired up the browser and it too refused to find anything. Back it goes.
I Bought Two Before Learning My Lesson
I bought this system, set it up to check it as they suggest and it worked fine. So I spent all day installing and wiring the system in my yard, only to THEN try their app. What a mistake. The system works fine if all you want to do is record. But if you want to view it away from home forget it. When you open their app it restarts the DVR and then can't connect! So, call for help, right? Wrong! No toll free number. No number at all. Only email or Messenger. Oh, and they start their day at 4 p.m. Pacific and the cryptic English is a frustration. I worked with them for two weeks, every day there was something else to try. Twice they sent me a file to upgrade the system trying to fix the problem. Bad hard drive perhaps? I returned the first and bought a second one (keeping the original cameras, given all the work to install them) and still the same problem. So I bought a new router just in case. Nope. Three weeks later and countless Messenger messages back and forth I finally removed 260 ft. of wire and I don't know how many staples! Ugh. I just bought and installed a Smonet system and it looks better, has double security features, understandable screens and first time I tried the app it worked perfectly. Do yourself a favor: save the endless headaches and extremely limited customer service and get yourself a decent system the first time around.
Constant scrolling color bars on 3 cameras.
You know whats frustrating? Installing an entire CCTV system only to discover that 3 of the 4 cameras have CONSTANT scrolling vertical color bars....I have tried everything to fix the issue but the problem is either the cameras or the wires. Pictures will not do this justice but video would. Tech support is worthless and a HUGE TIME SUCK! Now I had the choice to send this whole thing back OR bite the bullet and accept I will be looking at rainbows dancing on my LCD. I chose to NOT return the unit but instead vent my frustration here.

Now that I have said my peace I can say the 1 camera that does NOT have this issue is perfect 1080 HD quality. The ease of setup was fantastic but lacks features I would like. Example is how it records and the options to record are very limited. The APP for remote viewing while away works very well and I have no issue with that.

Would I buy this again or recommend this to a friend? That answer is NO! Am I satisfied with my purchase? On a scale of 1-10 Im at about a 4. Just enough to make me mad but not mad enough to take down all this gear and waste an entire day doing it.
We bought this system a year ago and it worked great, at first! It comes with a one year warranty and thatís about as long as it last! Two of the four cameras completely stopped working and another was so hazy that you couldnít make out anything on it during the day and the night vision wasnít working at all. I sure expected them to last longer than they did. Customer service is almost non existent. Had a problem with trying to recover a password that some how got changed in the system and the only way to contact them is via email. When youíre having a technical problem and canít speak directly to a person, it creates one major headache and way too many emails back and forth. After a week of not being able to resolve the problem (apparently they werenít understanding what I was trying to tell them?????) I trashed the whole system and bought cameras from another company that actually has a phone number to call for customer service. I do not recommend these cameras or this company at all!
Horrible experience w/ DVR and night vision capabilities
This product is horrible. The kit comes with everything you need, and the cameras installed easily enough. They also work during the day.

However, night vision on the cameras does not work at all. Even more frustrating, anytime I try doing ANYTHING with the DVR, particularly connecting the system to the internet so I can view on my phone, the entire thing either crashes and restarts, or freezes until I have to restart it manually.

I wasn't able to have them installed until several months after purchase or I'd have returned them.

At this point, the only good thing is that even though I have paid for the cameras to be installed and wiring run through my attic, I can still re-use that wiring when I purchase a new camera system.

Until then, I have cameras that (1) Only depict usable footage during the daytime; (2) Can't be accessed via mobile devices due to lack of internet connectivity; (3) Might as well not even be recording, because the DVR freezes when trying to review footage or during just about any other operation.

I understand you get what you pay for, but given the large number of positive reviews, I expected more. Hopefully my unit is bad and others are not experiencing the same issues.
The Bad Outweighs the Good
First, let's start with the good. For the price, this is an excellent camera system. The cameras produce a nice quality picture, and the cords are plenty long enough to facilitate placing the cameras a solid distance away from the DVR.
Now the bad. And the bad is pretty bad. For a system that prominently markets its online connectivity and ease-of-use, both of those features are WAY over-sold.
First off, connecting the DVR to the internet is as simple as plugging in an ethernet cord. However, accessing the DVR or the live camera feeds is next to impossible. On the rare occasions the connection is successful, it doesn't last long and you have to start from scratch. What makes things even worse is what brings me to the "ease-of-use" part of Zosi's "security made easy" promise.
One would think that a company in the Republic of China (Taiwan) that markets products that are directly marketed and sold in the United States would bother to hire someone who has a passable working knowledge of the English language. Sadly, Zosi decided this was an area to cut costs. This makes troubleshooting next to impossible, as much of the Zosi user interface nonsensical, and there's plenty of guesswork involved.
There's also no US-based customer service, so get ready for international phone calls if you need help. Finally, the desktop-based client and the iOS app client require different registrations and log-in credentials, making this whole set up just an epic nightmare.
If reliability and motion detect are important to you - keep looking!
The cameras are really good, great quality and great picture. The problem is in the actual DVR: it crashes constantly, especially when trying to view live or recorded footage from the Android App. I have been able to view footage and exit the App maybe 3 times in 2 months where viewing through the App didn't crash the DVR - and I TRY to use this daily to check on my dogs. Even ordered a new power supply thinking that might be the issue and it still continues to crash. Odd that it seems to occur ALMOST exclusively when the Android App is used, but I have had it crash when no one was accessing the DVR.

Also, motion detect is TERRIBLE! Each camera can be set to a sensitivity of 1 - 8. Well settings 1-5 are great if you only want the motion detect to trigger when, say, big foot walks into your yard, filling the entire view of the camera. Anything less than a close-up of big foot will not trigger!

I bumped it up to 7 (one from max) and it still did not detect someone walking to their car, getting in and driving away - and the car and person were in full frame, middle of frame, and entire frame of camera was set to detect motion. I definately would not ever recommend this product.
Donít bother
My boyfriend and I own a pizza shop so we bought these for security reasons. We have never been more disappointed! The app is awful and never works. It constantly makes you logout and change your password. Even after you change your password, the cameras and app do not recognize you so it takes almost 2 days to get everything in order. BUT once things are good and you can see all your cameras.. do not get your hopes up. This will only last for about a week or 2 until you need to change your password or reset the device. Oh and do you need help? Just contact customer service.... LOL! They will take WEEKS to get back to you and 100% of the time they themselves donít even know wtf is going on! Anyway, my boyfriend and I are getting rid of these ASAP and looking for a better system.. save yourself the frustration.
Not worth the money
Purchased two sets one for my house and one for my moms. Wanted to test them out first so I set them up at my house and didn't even open the other one. Product motion detection is very poor even on high can't detect anything if its not right infront of it and then goes off sometimes when there is nothing even there. Dvr system sometimes like over heats and reboots I don't know what that is about and play back freezes and gets sketchy. Cables are pretty low quality as well. The actual picture quality is pretty decent but over all the whole things kind of junk and im stuck with a second not even used one that these guys won't return because it was outside of the 30 day return period basically just hiding behind that policy and not standing behind and backing their product. I wouldn't waste my time id spend just a little more and get a better quality camera.
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