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W A R N I N G!


Warning! Please avoid Zosi
2 weeks ago I've purchaser Zosi ZR08HN and immediately as soon as I install it, I found, I made big mistake. Problem #1 there was no color, #2 mouse would freeze, #3 system timer would disappear, #4 recordings if I would manage to record something would get erased after system reboot to get it working.
If you think that was bad, just wait before you would rush to buy it anyway. So, very next day I've sent email to Zosi support telling them about problems. I got reply with request to send them pictures and video featuring my problems. Video, pictures? Really? If you selling shoes, I can bet you would know the difference between left and right foot and if you Zosi support, you surely would have answers to something like - how to get color.
Wishful thinking as I've learned after waiting for 10 days for my color solution but if you think I got one, think again. Only after playing around with system, lucky me, I have stumbled on solution and somehow got colors working. No such a luck with the rest of my problems and to make them even worse, for two days now support has been ignoring Zosi contractual obligation to honor warranty and promise to take good care about problems with Zosi products.
Please don't make mistake and avoid to become another Zosi victim.
Amazon Review
The app "Zosi View" SUCKS, so bad, I had to leave this less than positive review. Would have returned this unit but the replacement I ordered was a bigger turd than this one so I had to keep it past the return date simply because it does work, sort of... Giving this one more star than it deserves since the live viewing via hdmi to tv works well enough and I can control my ptz cameras with little to no issues with the included mouse through the DVR. The DVR reboots itself several times a day, which, I feel, is a manufacturing defect of some sort. Which brings me back to the app.. I cannot express how much disdain I feel for this app in the few short months I have owned this product. I cringe at the thought of having to rely on such an unreliable tool to feel secure leaving home for any amount of time. Connectivity-wise on my home network it does ok, at best, but outside my network the app is maddeningly unreliable. I loathe the day I decided to purchase this unit because of the "Zosi View" app ALONE..
Bad hardware, Bad software.
1. Nice looking product; not cheaply constructed
2. Easy to physically install.
3. Video is clear and focused.
4. Night vision is very good.
5. Cables were of an adequate length.

The BAD.
1. Instructions are poor. Some functionality and setup functions are not described at all.
2. The motion detection simply does not work: At times I'll get one email every minute from the same camera when there has been no motion at all, then no emails when a person walks in front of it. This is happening without me changing the sensitivity. I began receiving one email per minute about an hour ago after having received none all day. It's possible I have something configured wrong, but the small amount of documentation provided doesn't describe proper configuration.
3. The DVR unit reboots two to three times per day.
4. Sometimes it is not possible to connect with the mobile app.
Summary: Bad software.

If I have any trouble at my house, I'll have to search the video to find it since motion detection alerts do not work properly. My money is gone, so I have no choice but to work with what I have. When I buy a system for my barn, it'll be a different one, hopefully with software/firmware which functions properly..

One month later:
One camera now displays only a black and white picture, and I am receiving NO motion alerts. So my original statement that the hardware is good was very wrong. I've contacted the manufacturer by email after they offered to replace the DVR and my messages have been ignored. This system is crudely built JUNK. Read less
HORRID Motion Sensor!
I had multiple Amazon packages stolen off of my front porch yesterday. This is the first time something like this has happened. Luckily, (or so I thought) I have my Zosi security camera system! I thought it would be simple to find video of the perpetrator and report him to authorities. That assumption is where my nightmare began. The camera's "motion sensor" somehow picked up the delivery man leaving my property but it never triggered when he placed them at the door (he took a picture of the delivered packages at my door so I know they were there). When I arrived home I walked around the back of my property and the camera picked up me entering my house but not walking around the back. How could it miss something so obvious as a PERSON walking right in front of it?

I spent an hour and a half re watching the footage at 1x speed (2x speed went way too fast to pick up anything and there was no in between option) to try to find who stole my items. You know what I saw? Trees moving in the wind. Nothing. This system's motion sensor will pick up a tree or nothing for fifteen minutes at a time but something as large as a person placing a package at a front door will not trigger it. Did I mention the sensor was sent to its most sensitive setting?...Yet still no footage of the brazen thief who stole these items in broad daylight.

I also noticed other flaws with the system, such as I would view a car drive down the street and it would disappear midway through it. I am pretty disappointed with this system, the software was difficult to deal with too, especially when trying to scroll to a point in a video, it either did it or completely ignored my request. I called the cops and one of the first things they did when they arrived was point at the camera and say "that didn't pick it up?" I was so EMBARRASSED. No, no it did not pick it up (I do have some lovely footage of trees in the wind that it DID pick up though). I paid so much for this system and it was basically like having nothing at all. I now have no choice but to have it on "always record" because the motion sensor is so horribly unreliable. I have lost faith in Zosi and thought their product was higher quality than this.
Tech support is a joke. Don't waste your money.
Easy setup as far as installation goes. Was never able to set it up for email alerts. Tech support was a joke. DVR stopped working 2 months after installation. They have been giving me the run around for a week now. It is seemingly impossible to get them to back the warranty. I also purchased an additional 2 years but that now seems pointless. Don't buy this product. You get what you pay for. I payed for a $170 piece of technological garbage.
Good Cheap DVR, Until you need to deal with Support.
This DVR and camera setup worked fine for about 18 months, then started rebooting randomly. For what I spent, I figured 18 months wasn't too bad of a run, and most of the cameras are still holding up fine, so I'd just get myself a new DVR and move on with life. Then I learned the unit had a 2 year warranty, so I was pleased to know this and contacted support. I should have just moved on and bought another brand.... It is now a month and a day since I contacted support. My replacement still has not arrived.
For the first week they ran me thru some routine trouble shooting, installing updates, etc. Nothing cured the rebooting issue. On the 3rd request to install the updates they requested I take a video of the process, which was weird, but I complied and uploaded it to my YouTube channel for them to watch.
There was also some serious language barrier issues in interpreting some of the requests by the Chinese based support department, but eventually I was given an address to return my bad DVR for replacement that would be shipped 'immediately' upon receipt.
The return center in New York received my bad DVR 3 weeks ago, I contacted support several times asking for a shipping status with no replies. (replies while trouble shooting never took more than 48 hours). Finally I threatened to post a negative review and was contacted back the next day with the following message:
"I am very happy to serve you.
Please don't be angry, I have arranged replacement for you, because the transportation time is longer. You will receive it in a week
If you have other places you don't understand
Please keep in touch with me.
I wish you a happy life"
So, now another week has passed and no further contact, no tracking info, no replacement DVR, so I'm posting this review to let you know what you are getting when you buy this system.
Honestly the system is a bit flaky to setup, but runs fine, until it doesn't. When it fails don't expect much from the Zosi support personal, other than pain and suffering.
Don't recommend Frustrating ownership experience
Was initially impressed with this camera system. The camera quality was pretty clear and the software was not too difficult to learn. Then I started to notice the issues with this system.

First of all the camera sensitivity was unpredictable to say the least. One camera, despite having the highest sensitivity, only picked up motion if your were within approx. 8 feet of the camera. The other 3 had similar issues but worked well most of the time. I would test them by walking around the property while my son would tell me if I trigged motion.

Then there was the heat issue. The dvr would heat up to 110 degrees (measured) resulting in the dvr rebooting multiple times per day. Took off the cover and discovered that there was no cooling fan to help dissipate the heat. It only had ventilation slits in the under part of the dvr box. Fixed that by installing a 4 inch square cooling fan which I installed underneath the dvr which drastically helped keep it cool. It was the hottest device I have ever owned.

Playback was unpredictable and frustrating. I would playback video and the playback would freeze up. Sometimes to a point where it would reboot. The menu system was pretty well laid out in that it was easy to figure out after a week or so of use. But in the end, freezing playback was very frustrating. Sometimes playback camera (1 or 2 out of the four) would go blank for no reason. Sometimes on playback, one of the camera would freeze and the others would keep playing.

Although cooling helped the constant rebooting, it never really stopped. I tried multiple troubleshooting solutions which would only help for a bit, at least I thought so, but the rebooting would never stop. I found myself spending way too much time trying to get it working right and in the end, it got too frustrating to have so I gave up on it.

On the plus side, camera quality is very good and the dvr is small and lightweight.

Hopefully others are having better experiences but as far as I'm concerned, I can't recommend this product. I'm in the process of returning it and recently found a much better system without any of these issues. It cost about $40 more but it looks and works much better.

Update: Purchased a similar camera that uses ethernet cable rather than Zosi's bnc cable. It is made by Sannce (Amazon) and It has been wonderful so far. No issues whatsoever.
Very disappointed in the company
Very disappointed in the company. 2 weeks I have been givin the run around on a return call. Impossible to get help with any issues you may have with their products. I wouldn't recommend this company. No support, no way of real contact., email only and never do what they say. Phone numbers never work to leave messages. Just the whole thing is a scam.

Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2018 at Amazon

This unit messed up after one winter month and a short (10-15) second storm-related power outage. Then went to the setup "wizard" window, (over the top of the camera images) and froze there--never to operate correctly thereafter. (I DID have the DVR powered into a surge-protected outlet strip also). You would think that with all this boasting & bragging about their "lifetime customer service" this issue should not be a problem for "ZOSI" to take care of--right? Wrong--- Wrong--- Terribly Wrong..... Instead what I got upon trying to contact ZOSI was:
via e-mail=== days & days of the "Runaround" excuses why they could not help... via telephone=== 2 weeks of either constant busy signal--or--listening to Mandarin Chinese being spoken by a woman/ Chinese background music sometimes but not always...(obviously computer controlled).
So truly, ZOSI idea of "Customer Service" is NO SERVICE...(After sale is completed--- they will not back their own products but say so...) Besides basically non-existent customer service---- ZOSI UNITS ARE JUNK AND NOTHING MORE A CHEAP GENERIC CHINESE-MADE KNOCK-OFF OF A "QUALITY BUILT DVR" and I will never purchase anything manufactured by them ever again.
I believe that these others with the rave reviews of these units have never compared them to a high-quality name-brand D.V.R.
I would have to say that this unit is of very poor quality and I whole-heartedly DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY ZOSI DVR's. BUYER BEWARE...
(I would tie a rope around it and use it as a boat anchor BUT it is no good for that either... too light!
No good for Internet monitoring
A security system is needed when you are not at your premises, so it is vital that you can see your cameras over the internet via the app.
Sometimes you will connect but more often you will not. It is clear that their servers cannot cope.
Support is no good, they will answer but will not accept the problem. I am an IT engineer - there is no problem my end, their servers are overloaded so I cannot recommend them. A shame as the system is good apart from this most important part.
Never received a refund for a defective surveillance system
I ended up with a defective surveillance system that I returned over a month ago for a refund. The cameras wouldn't stay connected to the hvr and after many attempts to work with your online support, nothing remedied the problem. I returned the system on December 31st and the tracking info says that it arrived at the return center on January 3rd. I still have not received a refund as of February 11th.

The 4k cameras are ok on tv but trying to set up th PC client (LAN) is a nightmare.
Iím not to happy with my cameras
I guess I was miss led What I Purchased them because I thought I could hook them up and use them on my phone anywhere I went I could see my property but apparently you canít hook up to the Internet I need to lose it on Wi-Fi if youíre at your house they suck
Average. Not bad but not great.
Wasn't thrilled with the 3rd party shipping fiasco. The cameras work okay but the signals are very low and occasionally drop which means they aren't recording. One camera is within 10' of the receiver (which is inside and directly in front of a wall of windows facing that camera) and it only gets two bars. The night vision really requires sufficient lighting in order to properly identify what's going on.
The included mouse, with or without mousepad, is cheap, utterly useless and completely frustrating.
The digital screen menus are reminiscent of Windows 2.0!
Lost internet connection
The system is cheap enough, however the DVR keeps "forgeting" it is connected to the internet.
So I have go turn it off and on. Not much use if I am not at home!
Zosi support seems to be completely useless, to the point I can not even get them to respond go my emails.
I am going to fit a smart switch so I can turn the DVR off his the internet.
These cameras r not user friendly
These cameras r not user friendly. They definitely are not wireless at all. And there is no phone number for tech support? How f-ing stupid!!! They will be sent back and I will be finding actual wireless cameras that have a user friendly app that run them or a tech support I can actually call.
Intercom feature does not function/Misleading advertising
Intercom feature does not function. Misleading advertising. I can hear my guests at the front, but they can not hear me.
What a joke!
The manufacturer, Zosi, has failed to respond via the e-mail for support provided. No explanation, no interest in repairing or replacing the unit.
Must be an IT Specialist if you purchase these products...
The web address for AVSS PC Client was invalid. Can't use a PC for the cameras or DVR. The phone app worked after I figured out how to change the date & time. I left a message asking support to call me for assistance. They never did.
Do not buy. Can't stream via the Zosi App. More frustrating than anything.
Piece of junk. Set up was complicated and took forever get the computer portion set up. Forget trying to stream it on your phone. It worked for the first maybe month or two and now I can't connect via my phone to the system at all. It's extremely frustrating. I'm trying to use it for my business and now I'll have to spend more money for something else. Picture quality is decent but that's the best I can say about it. Don't buy.
Shuts off on its own, customer service sent a upgrade file which made the problem worse
It worked fine for an hour and then started shutting off and rebooting on its own. I messaged customer service, who was quick to respond; however, they sent me a link to upgrade the system which then made the problem worse. In light of the issue, I am returning it to Amazon as it would appear the company knows there is a problem and is asking the user to take their time to fix it while offering suggestions that don't work. If it would have worked this system would be great but appears to be a waste of money; especially if the user has to go through all this trouble just to have the system still malfunction. Even the upgrade they said was now required meant I needed a computer and 16g thumb drive to fix it. Nowhere in any literature with the product does it say you need these items to make it work; it is a given that things like flashlights need batteries, or that nerf toys require nerf projectiles. Since this item doesn't work unless I purchase a tool (thumbdrive) and fix it myself, by definition that means it's broken. Crappy product
Does not allow you to view easily the camera from outside your house.
Not easy to setup. The app that you use to view on your phone does not automatically allow you to view outside of your house. I have used other DVRís and they function a lot better than this dvr.

I think I have to open up ports on the modem for this. Other Dvrís Donít have this kind of issue.

Update: 2018-06-06 It's been 2 1/2 months. The Ethernet port is not working anymore. I can't view my DVR on my phone. Clearly, it's been down since May but I didn't pay attention and I thought it was just the router it was connected to. I checked my laptop and I am able to connect to that cable just fine.

STAY AWAY from this product.
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