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W A R N I N G!


Dear Visitor,

Before you get fooled by Zosi, definitelly the most crooked company in China, you should know that cheap sell prices and endless laying promises Zosi web site makes, must be taken with speck of salt.
Read some negative reviews about experiences posted by unwilling victims of Zosi, their buyers remorse and frustrations with support so that you can prevent mistakes buying Zosi products before its too late.

Joe Public
First thing you learn when you go to Zosi web site that none of 3 phone numbers 2 in US and 1 in UK Zosi offers are totally useless, hidden direct to support line 1 (866) 841-6932 is asking for your name, email and phone number but forget about call back, Community Support have last entry made 3 years ago and there is nothing you can post or ask for help because that community help is dead end, chat, of course, not working as well and if you get email response from absolutelly incompetant Zosi staff, support will do whatever they can to avoid guarantees and promises Zosi web site has been making.

Here are some of lies you should be ready to face
email replied in several minutes
ZOSI will ship the replacement product within 2-3 business days

and forget about refund or other services (direct quote):
The product must be purchased directly from Zosi website store, you may return your undamaged product and packaging within 90 days of purchase to receive a FULL REFUND for any reason.
Complete account of this site's author expiriences are Coming Soon